Thursday, 19 April 2012

Best Practice, is not an option. Its a Must

Hey Guy, so once again today, I have come into yet another problem where Best Practice has been put aside in exchange for convenience. I cannot even begin to stress how important it is to ensure that your environment has a baseline. This can be setup by conforming to naming conventions that are practical. I prefer computer accounts that are named by serial number. This will make it easier for asset tracking. User accounts that have a numbering suffix . I can really go one as there are so many ways you can go about configuring your environment

Just remember to plan it carefully and put in the work to correctly maintain what you have built.

Check out ITIL for a proper understanding on process and procedures within the work place.

Here are some links that may help you moving forward:

ITIL Quick Reference Guide 

So Yeah save yourselves the frustration and invest in Best Practice from day one.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day one.... so about Outlook 2010 hanging in there

Day one and ready to face the world of internet blogging. You would think that it would be a breeze in comparrison to integration or implimentation of an exchange cluster... ha ha yeah right. So yeah, as like with most techs, its a Saterday and I am hard at work. Dont you just love it when you schedule a change and when you are done the user asks you something stupid...

eg. So now that you put an extra 4GB into my SQL server will my mail be faster.. um... what the hell yeah it will be like lightning!!! wweeeee its so fast unless you are running outlook 2010 then well sorry for you.

So here is some info on the whole outlook 2010 hanging story. The last I heard was that if you proceed to run a repair on office and then under the messages option tab --> send messages | you change the Convert to HTML to send as outlook rich text this will cure all your problems and world hunger.

Yeah so I tried that.... (no comment)

So if any of you have any more ideas that may work and no down grading to 2007 office is not a solution and neither is format reinstall for all the smart ass's. Please feel free to leave them here for me to test.

I am seriously on a mission to try find a fix to why outlook 2010 hangs all the time. And for all the linux guys. Just because its windows is not a reason either.

(This one is from a linux buddy of mine)
Joke: They say that if you play a windows 7 disc backward you can here devil music.... hey thats nothing cause if you play it forwards...... IT INSTALLS WINDOWS!!!!!